Just as it is important to reward your employees in order to grow your business, it is also just as important to reward your key customers. Taking the extra steps to strengthen those bonds and show your top clients how much you value their loyalty can, 1) ensure their continued support and, 2) build your brand through recommendations and good publicity.

Superior Executive Services knows a thing or two about how to impress key customers. We go beyond loyalty reward programs or typical corporate event planning. We express the appreciation you have for your customers through one-of-a-kind trips. Specifically, we tailor the kind of trips that make sure you not only maintain lucrative business relationships but, moreover, you build upon them and create the kind of friendships that last a lifetime.

Here are a few trips we offer to reward your key customers:

A Weekend Trip to the Kentucky Derby

The Kentucky Derby provides the perfect atmosphere to reinforce bonds and wow clients: tradition, luxury, high-stakes sports, and a prestigious atmosphere unlike anything else. From the time you step off the plane to the time you get back on, you and your clients will not have to worry about trivialities or logistics. We provide transportation, luxurious accommodations, tickets to both the Derby and Oaks Friday, and unparalleled hospitality and service, allowing you to direct your focus to what matters most: building relationships, having a good time, and enjoying the company of your most valued customers.

When you reward your key customers through Superior Executive Services, you ensure that they get to experience the Derby in style. Contact us to learn more about our Kentucky Derby 2018 packages.

An Exclusive Trip to the Masters

Often referred to as “the toughest ticket in sports,” the Masters is without a doubt one of the world’s most exclusive sporting events. Treating your key customers to such a prestigious event is a sure way to blow their socks off and create a lasting impression.

The trip will include access to Club Magnolia, our high-profile five-star hospitality club that sits just 200 yards from the wall of Augusta National. Our executive playground, which is often frequented by professional athletes, includes a cigar terrace, seven themed bars, top-shelf drinks, gourmet food, live entertainment, and putting greens.

In addition to tickets being incredibly scarce, so is luxury accommodation during the time of the Masters. This is why we have secured over 600 contracts with some of the most upscale gated communities in Augusta. On top of getting to pick which lodging option is most suitable for you and your clients, we also make sure that all the houses are fully stocked with drinks and food of your choosing, allowing you to focus solely on developing and sustaining your most important business relationships.  

Contact us to secure your spot for the exclusive 2018 Masters Experience.

A Once-in-a-lifetime Golf Trip

Our commitment to providing superior services not only means you get to spend quality time building relationships with clients, but it also means that your clients get to experience unrivaled hospitality and entertainment. Our top-notch golfing packages are the perfect example of this.

We offer golf trip packages to some of the world’s finest courses—Pebble Beach, Kohler Resort, Brandon Dunes Golf Resort, and Sea Pines Resort/Hilton Head Island. A trip to these PGA Tour—quality courses will not only include superb golf, but we can also customize your package to include luxury accommodation, fine dining options, and beautiful sight-seeing opportunities.

Ready to reward your clients with unbeatable treatment and services? Contact Superior Executive Services to customize your trip and receive a custom quote.