How Luxury Travel Can Benefit Your Business

At Superior Executive Services, we believe in leveraging our experience and doing everything we can to provide you unforgettable experiences, be it as big as a golf vacation to Pebble Beach with reserved tee times or as simple as chartered transportation to a special event. However, our custom vacation and travel packages can be more than just a needed getaway for you or your family — they can also be a worthwhile investment for your business. Below are a few ways our Superior experience packages can benefit your business.

Incentivize Your Employees

It’s no secret that people work harder when they have something to work towards, and that’s particularly true when it comes to the competitive world of sales. Many sales departments use prizes and other incentives to push their salespeople to meet and exceed aggressive goals, and what better way to show your salespeople you mean business than with a luxury vacation package for the top performer in the company? The money you’ll invest in one of our custom vacation packages will easily be dwarfed by the value of the increased production you’ll generate from your motivated sales staff.

Seal A Deal With An Important Client

When dealing with high-dollar clientele whose business could be the difference between a good year and layoff season for your company, your sales pitch becomes more than just numbers — it includes your image and personality as a company. High-value clients like to feel important and cared for by the businesses with whom they choose to partner. What better way to show them of your commitment to them as a business than with a golf vacation to their favorite resort? Surely, your sales pitch would be better received on the greens or over a private dinner than in your office.

Save On Company Travel

If your company does business nationally or internationally and requires frequent travel by employees to conferences, clients, or wherever else, we offer you a unique cost-saving opportunity. Our Superior Air Membership program can provide your company private chartered flights at a net rate direct from the flight’s operator — a significantly cheaper rate than you could get by booking any other way. There’s no long-term contracts involved, and membership includes additional perks such as complimentary concierge service from our travel team, discounts on our other luxury services, and your choice of aircraft from our worldwide network of charter flight operators. Visit our Superior Air Membership page to learn more.