Every April, Augusta National Golf Club in Georgia hosts the Masters Golf Tournament. This has been a tradition since 1934 — aside from the two-year break during WWII — and if you have yet to witness this spectacular event, let’s just say you should add it to your bucket list.

The Superior Executive Services team loves the Masters — its excitement, tradition, competitions, history, and atmosphere. Just as much as we love experiencing the event itself, we also love helping to facilitate a fantastic Masters experience for our clients. Our Masters packages are created with luxury in mind. We wanted to offer businesses and individuals an opportunity to experience this one-of-a-kind event in absolute style. Learn more about our 2019 Masters packages and contact us today with any questions you may have,

Travel Back in Time

Those who have been lucky enough to attend the Masters often say that their experience is akin to going back in time. The historic grounds of Augusta National not only offer an inherent tradition, but the facilities and concessions are also capable of transporting you. The course goes to great effort to preserve the integrity of their traditions and to largely appear untouched by change. Perhaps the most apparent example of this is their concessions. Augusta National has made a point to keep prices more or less the same as they’ve been for decades. This gives you the option to fill up your belly for cheap and experience an almost unchanged tradition. 

Soak Up Augusta’s Splendor

Augusta National is one of the world’s most pristine golf courses. On top of having an unparalleled budget and maintenance team, the natural beauty of Georgia in spring is a true delight. From the immaculate greens to the blooming azaleas that adorn the fairways, the beauty of Augusta National is a thing to behold.

Experience the Corner

The holes 11, 12, and 13 are notoriously challenging. They’re so difficult, in fact, that they have become a pivotal part of determining who will don the green jacket. Because of their significance, sportswriter Herbert Warren Wind aptly named this part of the course “Amen Corner.”

Watching the world’s best golfers take on these challenging holes is an experience of a lifetime. While this is an exciting place to post up and watch, it’s certainly not the only place. When you step into Augusta National, you’re guaranteed to see some awe-inspiring golf, regardless of where you sit or stand.  

Enjoy The Masters The Superior Way

Simply attending the prestigious Masters tournament can feel luxurious. However, if you want to amplify this luxury and extend it to areas outside the course, book your trip to the 2019 Masters with Superior Executive Service. When you partner with the professional at Superior Executive Services, we can take care of you from arrival to departure. Below are some of the features of our Masters packages.


Finding housing in Augusta during the Masters can be quite difficult — that is if you don’t book your trip with Superior Executive Services. During the week of the tournament, we have secured over 600 contracts with some upscale gated communities, allowing us to offer our clients a close, luxurious, and comfortable place to stay.


Not only can we arrange for you to be transported to and from your accommodation and Augusta National, but we can also arrange private air flights, allowing you to really wow your business partners, employees, or guests.


All of our Masters packages are designed to ensure you have an outstanding trip. In addition to top-notch accommodation and transportation, we also offer our clients access to Club Magnolia — an exclusive executive playground located just outside Augusta National, featuring bars, a cigar terrace, celebrity appearances, gourmet food, live entertainment, and much more.

With such exclusivity, history, and beauty, it’s not hard to see why the Masters at Augusta National is one of the world’s most renowned sporting events. If you would like to offer this unique experience to your key customers or employees or friends, Superior Executive Services is ready to help. From the time you book to the time you depart, we’ll take care of every logistical problem and let you focus on what matters: having fun and building relationships with your lucky guests.