Sports are amazing. We know that not everyone feels this way, and that’s fine. We don’t expect everyone to. However, we do think that if you have written off sports before attending a world-class sporting event, you’re missing out on something truly special—something that has the ability to wow both sports fans and non-sports fans alike.

At Superior Executive Services, we understand the excitement, joy, and entertainment that can come from witnessing a prestigious sporting event in person. In fact, it is this understanding that has made us leaders in corporate hospitality and entertainment. We want everyone to experience the awesome powers of premier sporting events, and we want them to do it in total style and luxury. Our curated sports travel packages are perfect for individuals, company retreats, and business owners looking to reward select employees or build lasting relationships with key clients.

Though we do not offer packages to all of the bucket-list events listed below, we do offer personalized all-inclusive packages to many of them. Read on to learn about ten must-see sporting events.

The Super Bowl

With a brand value of over $660 million, the Super Bowl is not just one of the most financially successful sporting events on the planet but also one of the most action-packed—both on and off the field. From fashion shows to golf tournaments to post-game parties, the atmosphere of this final NFL matchup goes beyond that of a football game. In recent years, it has also become the place where corporate America goes to party, making it perfect for company retreats and business vacation trips. Book your 2018 Super Bowl trip to Minneapolis today.

FIFA World Cup

Although many Americans have yet to fully jump on board the way other countries have, the FIFA World Cup is without a doubt a bucket-list event. This global soccer competition is a gathering that fully captures the world’s attention, and when you witness some of the most passionate and excited sports fans you’ve likely ever seen, it’ll be hard not to find their excitement and joy contagious. Because the event changes location each World Cup and takes place in a variety of locales within the destination, it is quite easy to get affordable tickets and accommodations. Plus, this must-see event also presents you with a perfect opportunity to take a vacation and explore a new country!

World Series

Just as nothing is more American than baseball, nothing is more exciting than when two of the best teams in Major League Baseball square off. Though baseball often gets a rap for being a low-energy sport, the World Series is anything but low energy. Because of the stakes, the stage, and the high-level competition, every pitch and every bat will have you at the edge of your seat.

NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament—Final Four

The March Madness Tournament is a dream for those who love single-elimination thrillers. Not only is the event exhilarating for the millions of die-hard fans watching at home and office-pool competitors hoping to do the impossible and complete a perfect bracket, but it is also a true bucket-list experience for those in attendance. And because games are spread out over the course of multiple days, there are plenty of opportunities to explore the host city. Ready to book your trip to the 2018 NCAA Men’s Final Four Tournament? Start customizing your package here!

Olympic Games

From basketball to track cycling at a velodrome, it hardly matters what Olympic event you see. You are sure to be blown away when you attend the Olympics. This applies to both the summer and winter games. Both gatherings offer such a wide array of events on such an exciting, high-stakes stage that you are sure to walk away not only totally satisfied but also fascinated by your newfound appreciation for a sport you barely knew existed.

Kentucky Derby

While the main race may only last for two minutes, the excitement surrounding the Kentucky Derby is unmatched in sports. As we’ve mentioned before in a previous blog, the Kentucky Derby has it all—history, high stakes, celebrities, Mint Juleps, funny hats, and a one-of-a-kind atmosphere. And when you couple this with luxurious accommodation, access to top events, and a private jet rental, you’ll experience something truly unforgettable. Want to make your clients’ heads spin? Or throw a Kentucky Derby company retreat? Book your 2018 Kentucky Derby trip now.

Stanley Cup

Just as most hockey fans say to non-fans, seeing a hockey match in person is a much different experience than seeing it live. This statement certainly applies to the Stanley Cup—the pinnacle event for all NHL teams and fans. If the game makes it to the final game 7, you are especially in for a treat. The atmosphere on the night of game 7 is like nothing else. If you go, be prepared to hold your breath for the two to three hours the game is played.  

NCAA Football Championship Game

Essentially the Super Bowl of college football, the National Championship game naturally attracts the attention of football lovers all over the world. It’s an event that is anticipated and enjoyed by people both young and old. The only thing better than bringing in the new year watching the game with your friends around the TV is experiencing the magic in person. And now that the NCAA finally yielded to the demands of fans and implemented a playoff system, the event is all the more special.

Tour De France

Though this multiple stage bike race isn’t as easy to view as an event that is confined in a single stadium, the Tour De France is certainly a bucket list sporting event. Over the course of three weeks, the world’s best cyclists race all over France (as well as some other countries), allowing you to take in the beauty and attractions of Europe, as well as join in on the excitement as riders endure some remarkably treacherous climbs.

The Masters

Often considered one of the greatest tournaments at one of the most beautiful golf courses in the world, the Masters is one of our all-time favorite sporting events. As we mentioned before in a previous blog, this golf tournament is easily one of the world’s most prestigious events. The event has an air of exclusivity—tickets for the masters are incredibly difficult to get—as well as an air of tradition and history—the green jacket, the fixed prices, the no-cell-phone policy, the legendary golfers, etc. Ready for the golf vacation package of a lifetime? Start customizing your 2018 Masters package today!

When you book your trip through Superior Executive Services, you are guaranteed unrivaled hospitality. From the moment you arrive to when you depart, we will take care of every logistical arrangement—including the option for a private jet rental—and let you focus on having fun and building relationships with your lucky guests.

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