What makes us superior? In short, you could say our relentless commitment to ensuring that you and your guests have a superior time. From arrival to departure, we go above and beyond to offer unbeatable treatment and an all-around fantastic experience. But there’s more to it than that. Here are six things that make Superior Executive Services a superior choice for your next business or personal vacation.

Our Accommodations

Part of what makes some of the world’s most renowned sporting events so special is the fact that they are exclusive. Take the Masters, for example. Each year there are a very limited number of tickets available, earning the legendary tournament a reputation for being one of the hardest tickets to snag. Although not as intense, this same principle applies to accommodation. For instance, in Augusta, finding close and luxurious accommodation for the Masters can be quite difficult. Because of this, we have secured over 600 contracts with upscale homes in close proximity to Augusta National. This is part of what makes Superior Executive Services so superior. For all of our packages, we strive to provide world-class accommodation. 

Our Hospitality

If you’re going to experience a prestigious sporting event, why not do it in style and luxury? This is our thinking at least. When you book with us — whether it is a Masters package, the Derby, or some other event — we customize your itinerary to match your needs and trip ideas. Need reservations to the area’s most exclusive restaurant? Need tickets to another event in town? Talk to our corporate hospitality experts, and we can likely make it happen. We can even stock your luxury accommodation with all the drink and food of your choosing.

Our Transportation

As we mentioned, we take pride in taking care of our guests from arrival to departure. A big part of this is being able to arrange transportation to and from all of your itinerary stops. This not only includes ground transportation, but it can also include air transportation as well. We can even book a private jet charter for you and your lucky guests. These are the kind of details that can take your event to the next level. For instance, say you want to run a sales incentive on a key client in Aspen. Your trip begins by flying into Denver International Airport. You set off for your three-hour drive to Aspen and find out that in addition to a road closure, there’s also an accident, which turns your three-hour drive into a five-hour drive. Not a good way to start your new business relationship. Compare this to having travel experts arrange for you to fly directly into Aspen, putting you just a short drive to your luxurious Aspen Snowmass accommodation.  

Our Entertainment

Okay, so the Masters, Super Bowl, and Kentucky Derby are not solely our entertaining creations. But we do tailor packages to these (and many more) events and help create the environment our clients are looking for. Superior entertainment is what you can expect when you partner with us. Whether you want to be in Millionaire’s Row for the Kentucky Derby or hobnobbing in Augusta at the upscale Club Magnolia, we do all we can to provide unforgettable entertainment.

Our Flexibility

We love the challenge and satisfaction that comes with customizing and tailoring a perfect trip. We love it so much that receiving and fulfilling custom requests is a point of pride for us. Whether you need to win over a critical client with a trip to the Kentucky Derby or reward top-performing employees with an Aspen, Colorado vacation, we are flexible and can make sure that your itinerary is tailored to your exact needs and goals.

Our Team

Our team is full of sports travel professionals and corporate entertainment and hospitality experts. Our industry leaders are committed to you and to leveraging all of their experience, professionalism, and drive to ensure that you get exactly what you want out of your trip. We also love talking to potential clients and offering advice. Don’t believe us? Give us a call today at 888-981-6653, and we can discuss how we can make your next event a superior success.