This January, Scottsdale will host the annual Waste Management Phoenix Open. It is the first PGA Tour event of the calendar year, and it’s truly an event unlike any other — and not just because of the unique course and location. The thing that sets this event apart from other similar professional golf events is the relaxed, party-like atmosphere, which by professional golf standards can be quite raucous.

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Here are some more tips to help guide your 2019 Waste Management experience.

Hole 16 and 17

As you may have heard, the 16th hole is a legendary par 3. There are over 3,000 general admission seats around this hole, and naturally, these are much-sought-after tickets. The key to getting these spots is to hustle, not snooze the alarm, and wait.

For some, what’s even better than seats around 16 is to land a ticket to the Cove on the 17th. Many say this is like winning the Powerball because it offers amazing views of both the course and Pinnacle Peak and the McDowell Mountains, as well as a prime spot to watch one of the most exciting par-4s on the PGA Tour.  

Not sure how to go about getting these righteous tickets? We can help! In fact, badges to The Cove provides one of the most valued suite hospitality opportunities for the corporate participant. Here, you and your guests can enjoy world-class golf while being pampered with food, an open bar, and superior hospitality.

Where To Stay

From upscale resorts with secluded gardens and fantastic pools to budget accommodations, there are a number of great places to stay around Scottsdale. However, the key is finding and booking a place early. Remember, this is a big event that seems to get bigger each year, which means thousands of people are also going to be searching for places to stay.

We have partnered with a number of upscale property owners in Scottsdale to offer our clients the opportunity to have a luxury accommodation during their visit to Arizona. Not only will we provide you with a beautiful, fully-loaded home to stay in, but we can also stock up the place with all the food, drinks, and supplies you need. View some of our Waste Management Open Properties here.

What To Bring

As with any other PGA event, bringing all the usual items will likely suffice — sunscreen, cash, water, hand sanitizer, binoculars, comfortable shoes, and other essentials. It’s hard to predict the weather for this time of the year, but what we can say is that the average temperature in January is around 57 degrees Fahrenheit — not too shabby.

What To Do After

After the day’s golfing ends, the party is far from over. While there are a number of bars and venues hosting post-match events, the most notable is probably the Birds Nest, which features, bands, food, drinks, and more. Visit the Birds Nest official website for more info. In 2018, some notable performers joined the party, including Nelly, Flo Rida, Florida Georgia Line, and more.

Superior Executive Services is proud to offer Birds Nest VIP Pit Passes as part of our Phoenix Open packages. These passes will allow you to enjoy these concerts in an exclusive area with minimal occupancy and a full-catered bar and buffet.

Other Helpful Things To Know

  • The entire course should have free wifi hotspots
  • There is an app that will give you hole-by-hole update, descriptions, and maps
  • One day of the event is the annual Green Out, where everyone, including golfers, is encouraged to wear green to show support for green initiatives
  • They will be having a Zero Waste Challenge. Last year, 100 percent of the tournament’s waste was diverted from landfills—meaning nothing from the tournament has ended up in landfills.

Ready to join the world’s best golfers as they gather in Scottsdale for the biggest golf event in the desert? We’re ready to help! Contact us today!